Verified by Video

Cellmark’s Verified by Video service is a cost-effective way for you to provide a sample without having to leave home, with the added reassurance that the sampling procedure has been witnessed and your identity has been independently checked.

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Preparing for your appointment

Please open the kit and read the instructions ahead of the appointment.

Find somewhere quiet and private where you can take your sample. We recommend you choose somewhere you can sit down so you can easily be seen on the camera of your computer or mobile phone and so that you can lay out the kit components.

You will then need to join the video call with Cellmark at the booked time using the link we have sent to you by email.

The sampling kit contains:

  1. Instructions
  2. A swab and sample tube
  3. A holder for your mobile phone for while you take your sample
  4. A mirror to help you take your swab
  5. Return pre-paid packaging

What happens during your appointment

At the Verified by Video appointment we will talk you through the process and then:

  1. Ask you to show your passport to the camera to check your identification
  2. Observe you taking your sample to confirm that it has been taken correctly
  3. Watch you package your sample and seal it in the tamper evident bag

Then simply place the sealed packaging into a Royal Mail priority post box for return to Cellmark’s laboratory using the prepaid Royal Mail tracked 24 service.

This simple 3 step process means we can state on your Fit to Fly test report that sampling was independently witnessed and your identity verified, to help ensure it is accepted wherever you travel.