Workplace PCR Testing

Testing for COVID-19 can play an important role in helping organisations keep their employees safe and supported during the coronavirus pandemic. Cellmark’s workplace testing service delivers rapid laboratory analysis and lasting peace of mind.

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Workplace PCR Testing

Testing for COVID-19 can play an important role in helping organisations keep their employees safe and supported during the coronavirus pandemic. Cellmark’s workplace testing service delivers rapid laboratory analysis and lasting peace of mind.

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Workplace Testing Options

Please select a service option below to make a purchase or obtain a quote. Our Online Orders service is suited to businesses looking for flexible use, off-the-shelf COVID-19 testing with results reported to a nominated testing co-ordinator. We also offer a bespoke contract testing service that provides tailored testing programmes and is aimed at organisations looking to set up regular testing for their employees or one-off event testing where a professional sampling and courier service may also be required.

Online Orders
£55 +VAT (per test)
Fast despatch, minimum order quantity 10 kits
Activate kits online using the workplace option
Self-sample and return by pre-paid tracked 24hr post
Test results emailed to your testing coordinator

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Contract Testing
Competitive Pricing
Call us to find out more or fill in our quote form
Professional sampling and courier services available
Flexible result reporting options
Nominated Account Manager support

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If I have kits left over can I get a refund?

Yes! Although we do make a small charge for unused sampling kits (£10 per kit), we do not charge the full analysis fee. We understand that there are many factors which can influence your testing requirements so when the testing fee has been paid in advance Cellmark will provide a refund, minus the £10 charge, for any returned unused sampling kits.

Workplace COVID-19 Testing Services


Support your Employees

As employees return to work and organisations reopen, being able to test for coronavirus infection can play an important part of creating a safe environment at work.

With accurate PCR results reported in under 24 hours, Cellmark’s Workplace COVID-19 service provides rapid reassurance. It helps organisations to support their employees and protect their business when used as part of a range of public health and social measures designed to stop transmission and prevent outbreaks.


Protect your Business

PCR testing is the gold standard COVID-19 test, able to detect an infection at the earliest stage. Cellmark’s service delivers laboratory-quality analysis and by identifying those who are infected but are not showing the symptoms of coronavirus can help to prevent the spread of the disease within the workforce.

Workplace COVID-19 Testing Services


A Flexible Service

We understand that organisations need a COVID-19 testing programme that supports a safe working environment rather than getting in the way of work.  We also know that different companies and industries have different requirements.  Working with your team, including your Occupational Health provider, Cellmark’s easy to use COVID-19 testing service can be tailored to your organisation’s requirements.

  •  Maybe you need us to send out home sampling kits to individual addresses or perhaps to arrange for a sampler to run a sampling clinic for your employees? 
  •  Perhaps you are a film production company requiring test results by midnight so that people can be early on set the following day, or a sports event needing rapid trackside testing? 
  •  Possibly you need thousands of tests in a short period of time or just want ten kits to use in an emergency?  
  •  You could need results reported centrally to your company’s Healthcare Professional, even uploaded to your database, or maybe you want individual Fit to Fly certificates delivered to each persons’ email address?

We have successfully provided all of these services and more. We are always willing to work flexibly with our customers to find the solution that works best for them.  No one really wants to have a COVID-19 test, but we work hard to make sure that the whole process is as simple and painless as possible.

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To discuss how to set up a Workplace COVID-19 testing service for your organisation simply call Cellmark FREE on 0800 470 2515 or email us at or request a quote by completing our quote form and one of our representatives will be in touch.

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Secure COVID-19 Testing


Secure COVID-19 Testing

All employee personal data, in particular that related to health must be carefully protected and handled lawfully, fairly and transparently.  COVID-19 is a notifiable disease and we are legally required to collect certain personal information from your employees and report it with the test result to Public Health England.  We will collect your employees’ data proportionately and protect it carefully in accordance with data protection legislation and our certification to ISO27001 for data security and data protection.  Please also see our Privacy Policy.

What our customers are saying . . .

 Just wanted to drop you a note to say thanks for your help this week. Your responsiveness, and out of hours offer of support is really appreciated. Turning this around as quickly as you did, was superb

Procurement Manager
Commercial public transport company - August 2020

 Just a quick note to thank you for your support and COVID-19 testing services this week. Your flexibility, patience and brilliant delivery have been crucial in helping provide a robust service to our clients.

Commercial Director
Testing and Healthcare provider - July 2020

 Thank you for the great job in turning the tests around so quickly.

Operations Manager
Commercial Shipping - November 2020