Pre-departure Lateral Flow Testing

  •  UK based Customer Services Team
  •  Certificates within 3 hours*
  •  30 years’ experience of testing services
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Pre-departure Lateral Flow Testing

  •  UK based Customer Services Team
  •  Certificates within 3 hours*
  •  30 years’ experience of testing services

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Which test do I need?

Many countries require proof of a negative COVID-19 test, taken before departure. For some destinations this can be a certificated Lateral Flow Device (LFD) test.  If you need a PCR test please click here.  For the latest information about which test you require for overseas travel and/or for returning to the UK, please check the UK government’s website

How does it work?

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Buy kits online
Purchase in advance and we'll dispatch your kit so you can take a sample prior to travelling.

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Take your test
Follow the instructions in the kit and register your result by uploading a photo of the Lateral Flow Device to our website.

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Get your certificate
We will review your information within 3 hours* of registering your result and email you your certificate.

 Verified by Video

To help ensure that your certificate will be accepted our Verified by Video (Telehealth) Service provides independently witnessed sampling, which is written on the report.

Not all countries have the same travel certificate requirements and requirements may change as the pandemic evolves.  Cellmark’s Verified by Video service provides additional reassurance that, because your identification was independently checked when your sample was taken, your certificate is more likely to be accepted during your travels.

Find Out More  

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  Taking your Test

Detailed instructions on how to take your test are provided in the kit we send you. Alternatively, watch the short video below.

How do I register my result?

  1. Fill out your details on the label on the outside of the kit box.
  2. After 15 minutes place the LFD cassette onto the marked area on the label.
  3. Take a photo of the box label and cassette using your mobile phone.
  4. Visit our website and click on ‘activate’ (top right of the home page)
  5. Select ‘I am registering the result of a Lateral Flow test’.
  6. Complete our online form and upload your photo for us to review.

To quickly register your result just follow this link: Register a Result

LFD Photo Image

Taking your Photos

We require two photographs of your Lateral Flow Device to verify your test result before we can issue your certificate. Both of your photographs must be clear and in focus. If the photographs you provide are unsuitable we will be not be able to provide you with your certificate and you will need to take another test.

LFT Box photo 1

Photo 1: Box label and cassette

  • All details must be complete and legible.
  • Both the label and Lateral Flow Device must be clear and in focus
LFT Box photo 2

Photo 2: QR code and results window

  • Both the result test window and QR code must be visible.
  • Any lines in the test result window must be clear and in focus.

FAQs About Lateral Flow Testing